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How to Make the Most out of College



Student Ambassadors "SAA"



By Katie Hubbard

College is a brand new experience for all freshmen. It’s a big transition that can be terrifying yet exciting all in one. Looking back on my early college days now that I’m a senior...

By Alyssa Caudill

At larger schools, when students want to tour the campus to find out if they want to attend or not, there are usually current students at hand to help out.


By Robbie King

            The only traveling museum ship in the United States, based in Evansville Indiana, arrived in Charleston in late August of 2013. The ship docked at Haddad Riverfront Park. With an incredible length of over 300 feet, the LST (Landing Ship, Tank) 325 vessel was definitely a spectacle for local West Virginians.

 WW2 Ship Makes an Appearance in WV Waters

 Shocka-Con Brings a Fright to Charleston

By Emily Griffith

Although Charleston, WV is still a few weeks away from Halloween, that didn’t keep this city from celebrating early. Held the weekend of September 20th through the 22nd, Shocka-Con definitely brought out a crowd of varied individuals. From costumes to loud music, there was plenty to do at this convention.